Finding A Job In The EU If You Are From Outside The EU

Citizens of EU member states enjoy a lot of advantages that such a union provides, which makes it easy for them to travel, study, work or even move to any other member state. Moreover, a lot of young people use this opportunity to study abroad, in some countries even for free, or simply gain experience that might come in handy later on in life.

Where In Europe Can You Study For Free?

Some of the most reputable universities are located in Europe. While studying for free in those universities mostly applies to students coming from EU and EEA countries, there are some other countries where no tuition fees are charged, regardless of your home country.

The Growth of SMEs since Covid 19

Between 2020 and 2021 micro-enterprises grew by around 100.00 new businesses, small enterprises fell by around 10.000 businesses, and medium-sized enterprises fell by 2.000 businesses. This clearly shows that smaller businesses thrived, while larger businesses suffered a lot.

Most Studied Subjects In Europe

Based on the latest statistics, European students love Business, Administration and Law as their core subjects to study with over 1.2 million Europeans graduating with a degree in these subject alone.