Depression and Anxiety among Students in Europe

The massive increase of mental health issues among young people is becoming a major concern and something we can't just ignore!

In 2021, Eurostat published data which showed that in 2019, 7.2% of European Union citizens reported having chronic depression. Among those countries, Portugal had the highest number (12.2%), followed by Sweden (11.7%) and Germany (11.6%).

WorldPopulationReview has published more recent data, which show depression rates by country in 2022. Among the top three European countries were Ukraine (6.3%), Estonia (5.9%), and Greece (5.7%).

So, how many of those people are students?

As the World Health Organization published in their report, “In the WHO European region, there is a high and increasing rate of mental and behavioural health problems in adolescents at the population level.” They also said that half of all mental health problems in adulthood have their onset during or before adolescence. Among the top mental health issues young people struggle with, depression and anxiety are the most prevalent ones.

Statista published the results of the study conducted in the United Kingdom, focusing on young people aged 16 to 25. It shows the share of young people who have reported feeling anxious in the UK from 2009 to 2021. Since 2018, the percentage surged over 50% and remained increasing, reaching its highest in 2021, at 56%.

Although it’s impossible to find a single, universal solution that would fix this issue, the WHO suggests that “supportive parenting, a secure home life and a positive learning environment in school are key factors in building and protecting mental health and well-being in adolescence”.

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Milica Sekulic

Milica Sekulic

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