European Countries With The Highest Employment Rates And Their Anual Salaries

The countries with the highest salaries tend to have the highest unemployment rate. Why is that?

When thinking of moving abroad one of the main questions that pop up in our heads is – how easy is it to get a job? Of course, that depends on many factors, but here we’ll present some of the countries in Europe with the highest employment rate and their average annual wages.

According to Statista and the research they did for 2021, we can see how the employment rate varies in different European countries.

The highest on the list, with an 82.5% employment rate was Iceland, and the data applies for the third quarter of 2021. It’s closely followed by the Netherlands at 81.6%. The EU country with the lowest employment rate was Italy, at 59.2%.

Statista also listed Iceland as the highest-ranking country on their list of average annual wages for 2020. Iceland was the top one at $67,488 (63,863 EUR), followed by Luxembourg at $65,854 (62,316 EUR), while the Netherlands was the fourth at $58,828 (55,668 EUR). The last country on the list was Slovakia at $23,619 (22,350 EUR).

On the other hand, if we look at the statistics regarding the unemployment rate, the latest data Statista published shows that in February 2022, the Czech Republic had the lowest unemployment rate at only 2.4%, while the highest unemployment rate could be found in Spain at 12.6%, closely followed by Greece, which had an unemployment rate of 11.9%.

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