How The European Union Supports Education

There are many exchange programs financed and supported by the European Union and its member states. There is a lot to check out.

The European Union provides a lot of support to the education system and its students and researchers. The EU distributes its funds through numerous programmes and associations, possibly the most popular being Erasmus+. The programme does not only focus on students, but on teachers, educators, and group leaders as well.

To study abroad with the Erasmus+ programme, you must be enrolled in a higher education institution and attend a course that involves the issue of a diploma or a recognized tertiary level qualification, as explained on There are also grants that can help students with travel costs, accommodation, and board expenses. The study programmes last between three and twelve months, and grants depend on the factors such as the length of study, the living standard of the country at hand, the number of applicants, etc.

Additionally, there are also Erasmus+ mobility programmes exclusively focused on internships. They are designed to help students gain work experience abroad. The internships last between two and twelve months.

Another option for students is Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree. It’s an international study programme that offers a large number of joint degrees.

In the field of youth, the EU sets out a framework for cooperation among the Member States through the EU Youth Strategy. It fosters youth participation in democratic life.

The EU aims at facilitating the exchange of information and experience, encouraging mobility of both students and teachers. They are constantly working on improving the quality of education and promoting equity.

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