How To Get Paternal-Leave In France

Paternity leave was first introduced in France in 2002, and even though it has since met some good changes, there are still some requirements to be met.

Maternity leave has almost never been a questionable topic in modern society. However, what comes as a (pleasant) surprise is the fact that more and more countries focus on paternity leave as well. In July 2021, France implemented a new law, which grants new fathers 28-day paternity leave. The leave includes 25 days plus 3 days for the birth, compared to the previous law which gave fathers 11 days plus 3 days for the birth.

The right to paternity leave is provided equally to everyone, regardless of their job, years of service, or the kind of contract they signed with their company. However, to be eligible to access paternity leave, fathers need to have been registered with the French social security system for at least ten months and be able to prove they worked for at least 150 hours during the three months before they leave.

The length of paternity leave varies depending on different situations, for example in families who have twins, fathers can get 32-day paternity leave. Additionally, paternity leave doesn’t have to be taken all at once, it can be split into different sections, which is optional.

It’s interesting to note that paternity leave is not covered by the employer. Moreover, the contract a father signed with the company is considered suspended for the duration of paternity leave. The leave is paid by the French social security system. Paternity leave allowances are calculated as the sum of the last three gross salaries before childbirth divided by 91.25.

Employees need to hand in a notice about their paternity leave and/or the delivery date at least one month in advance.

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