Is Scandinavia Still The Happiest Region In The World

Scandinavia is still the happiest region in the world. Based on GDP per capita, social protection, health and life expectancy and freedom of choice

Scandinavia has long been known for its supreme standard of living, good healthcare, education and democratic political system, parental leaves, safety, low pollution, and minimalistic lifestyle, all of which largely contribute to the citizens’ physical and mental wellbeing.

According to the World Happiness Report 2020, which assesses the world’s 150 countries, Scandinavia is still the happiest region in the world. Based on GDP per capita, social protection, health and life expectancy, freedom of choice, generosity, and corruption perception, the World Happiness Report listed Finland (7.89), Iceland (7.58), and Denmark (7.52) as the three top countries on their list.

However, Statista published their happiness ranking for 2021, and the top order has slightly changed. On their list, the top five countries are Finland (7.82), Denmark (7.64), Iceland (7.56), Switzerland (7.51), and the Netherlands (7.42). The top three are still in the Nordic Region. Sweden is the 7th with 7.38 and Norway the 8th with 7.37.

The latest World Happiness Report 2022 shows the slightest change in the numbers. Finland (7.82), Denmark (7.64), and Iceland (7.56) are still the top three happiest countries. Sweden is still the 7th at 7.38 and Norway the 8th at 7.36.

It’s interesting to notice that even after the pandemic and the global economic crisis, the Scandinavian region remains in a high position on these reports. Forbes suggested a possible reason for this, quoting Oslo-based Audrey Camp, “When people feel secure in their jobs, health and education, they have the freedom to emotionally invest in things that matter more for happiness, such as family, friends and fun.”

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