The Fastest-Growing Companies In Europe And Their Industries

Understanding the different industries and what makes them resilient to change is great info to have.

The Financial Times teamed with Statista and published their annual ranking of the fastest-growing companies in Europe for 2022. They based their research on the companies in Europe with the highest revenue compound annual growth rates (CAGR) from 2017 to 2020.

This is the list of the companies that showed growth despite the multiple crises that occurred in the last few years. As the Financial Times reports, “The companies that made the final cut were sufficiently resilient — and, in some cases, lucky — to survive a collapse in demand caused by coronavirus restrictions, trade frictions due to Brexit, and a long-running global supply chain squeeze.”

Italy is the top European country with the highest number of companies coming from it, at 235. It’s followed by Germany, with 194 companies. The third spot belongs to the UK, which has 155 companies on the list. Same as the year before, London is again the city with the highest number of fastest-growing companies, at 81, followed by Paris, at 34, and Milan, at 33.

The first company on the list is Swappie, a Finland-based buyer and seller of refurbished smartphones, with a 477.4% CAGR. Kilo Health, a Lithuanian digital healthcare company, follows, at 450.1%. The third one is OCI Group, a UK-based supply chain procurement business, at 409.6%.

The top three industries are technology (with a fifth of companies on the list), construction, and retail.

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