What Are The Most Educated Countries In Europe?

The country with the highest education level in Europe is Finland, followed by Norway and Luxembourg. Is your country on the the top-ten list?

More and more people in the world invest in knowledge. Compared with, for example, how it was fifty years ago, when having a bachelor’s degree was seen as a privilege, nowadays, going to university and obtaining some sort of higher education degree is something almost every student strives for.

The education system of a country significantly impacts its economy and development. As worldpopulationreview.com defines it, “In developed nations, educational opportunities are plentiful and affordable, and most adults are literate and have at least a basic high school education. These countries have a high chance of ranking among the smartest countries in the world. By comparison, literacy rates and the number of people who have completed high school tend to be lower in still-developing nations. Underdeveloped and least developed nations typically have the lowest literacy rates and offer the lowest quality educational programs. Many people in these nations may not have access to education.”

OECD published their analysis of the ten most educated countries in the world in 2018, and only four of those belonged to Europe. The highest were Canada, Japan, Israel, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, Australia,  Finland, Norway, and Luxembourg.

However, statista.com published their list of those aged between 15 and 64 with tertiary educational attainment in selected European countries in 2020. The first on the list was Ireland (42.8%), then Luxembourg (40.9%), the United Kingdom (40.6%), and Cyprus (40.2%).

The following countries had less than 40% of people belonging to this category. They are Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Lithuania, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Denmark, Latvia, and Slovenia.

The rest is below 30%, with countries like Poland, Greece, Malta, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, Turkey, Italy, and Romania.

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