What are the most popular languages to be studied in Europe?

In such a diverse environment, both culturally and linguistically, learning a foreign language is always a significant advantage.

According to Worldometers.info, the total population of Europe in April 2022 is 748,458,986. There are 44 countries in Europe, 27 belong to the European Union (EU). The EU alone has 24 official languages, while more than 200 languages are spoken throughout the whole continent.

Judging by the number of native speakers, Russian holds the first place, followed by French, Italian, German, and English. But English has the most significant number of speakers in total, with around 200 million people learning English as a second language (ESL).

Learning a foreign language is always a significant advantage in such a diverse environment, both culturally and linguistically. Whether it’s for travelling, career development, or some other personal reason, a lot of people learn one or more foreign languages in Europe.

According to Eurostat, “In a majority of EU Member States, more than three-fifths of students in general upper secondary education pupils were learning two or more foreign languages in 2019.”

English has been the lingua franca all around the world for a long time now, and in Europe only, 93% of students learn English as the main second language. Out of 54% of people who speak another language, which is not their native one, 25% can have a conversation in two foreign languages.

As Eurostat reported in 2017, English, as the most popular foreign language to be studied was followed by French (33.4%), German (23.3%), and Spanish (16.9%).

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Milica Sekulic

Milica Sekulic

In my career, I have tried many things, but writing has always been something I primarily aspired for. Both my BA and MA were in English language and literature, so I’m also passionate about reading and teaching.

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