Which Jobs Are In Demand In Germany?

Young people have no problem working abroad if they can't find a job in their country, and one of the top destinations for these amateur workers is Germany. Germany will continue to be demanded by employees and future young generations. But what are the best careers and job positions if you want to work there? Let's dive into it.

Most Demanded Jobs In Germany According to deutschland.de in 2022 the most demanded jobs in the country are:

  • Software programmers and developers;
  • Electrical engineers;
  • Nurses;
  • IT consultants and analysts;
  • Business management experts ;
  • Sales and product managers;
  • Architects and civil engineers;

This doesn’t mean that other positions and careers don’t have a future. but the chances are that you get fewer opportunities.

What do I need to work in Germany? If you’ve seen a job position on the list that suits you, you might want to apply to work in Germany. But what do you need to switch careers and countries, and move abroad?

  1. A Visa? If you are European and your country is in the European Union (EU), you can live and work in Germany without restrictions.

On the contrary. if you reside in the UK or are non -European. you probably need a visa. You can get a tourist one and enter the country for 90 days – you can’t work yet, but you can apply for a suitable work permit and look for job opportunities. You might want to seek legal advice or information if you’re not well-informed about visas.

  1. Learn German

Although English will probably do, it’s always respectful and smart to learn at least basic German before working in Germany. It also depends on the job position – someone working in public healthcare will need more fluent German than someone whose job consists of coding in an office.

  1. Apply at Startups

Although larger companies are more stable, startups are more likely to hire foreign employees. Some of them even specifically search for young talent around the globe to bring them to Germany. Do research before joining a startup, as there’s always a risk involved. If you’re lucky enough, the company will succeed and grow fast, and you’ll have a long-term position as someone who was there when everything started.

  1. Get Familiar with German Culture

German CVs and cover letters may be slightly different from the Europeans and what you’re accustomed to. And this goes for everything else, from conversations with colleagues to job interviews. Understanding what German citizens and employers appreciate (and what they don’t) may save you from uncomfortable future situations.

Where to Find A Job? Websites: Last but not least, here are some of the top websites for finding a new job and career in the German country:

  1. www.stepstone.de This website is a partner with over 500 websites and companies, and it’s been one of the top job-seeking resources since it was launched.
  2. www.indeed.de Indeed it’s one of the largest job sites across the globe, and it has a significant presence in Germany as well. With over 200 million monthly users. You’re sure to find offers of your interest.
  3. www.talent-berlin.de If you seek a job position in Berlin, this is your go-to website. This agency supports local companies find talent and adding new members to their workforce.

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